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For many teens and adults, acne may be temporary or chronic, but the scars left behind often persist without treatment. These scars can present significant aesthetic and emotional hurdles. At Refine Plastic Surgery, our expert team serves Midland-Odessa, TX-area patients and addresses issues of skin damage using cutting-edge laser and light technologies for skin rejuvenation, including the use of BroadBand Light™ therapy and laser skin resurfacing, specifically for acne scars. If you're exploring treatments for active acne or scarring, we invite you to reach out to our practice in Odessa, TX to arrange a consultation with our skin care specialists. Medical spa treatments and skin care and surgical consultations are held at our Odessa, TX location. All surgeries are performed at Choice Care Surgery Center in Midland, TX, an advanced, fully accredited, and state-of-the-art outpatient ambulatory surgical center.

Innovative technologies, like Forever Clear BBL® and ProFractional™ by Sciton®, have emerged as powerful solutions in this battle against scarring. Each device employs a distinct approach to minimize the appearance of scars and rejuvenate the skin. The light and laser technologies are designed to address the root causes of acne scars, promoting healthier, smoother skin and mitigating the lasting effects of acne scarring. These technologies have revolutionized dermatological care. We offer:

  • BBL therapy: Eradicate acne at the speed of light with Forever Clear BBL, a revolutionary acne treatment that uses the power of light to clear acne comfortably and effectively, eliminating the need for creams or medication. This innovative approach employs a three-step process utilizing blue, yellow, and infrared light to not only diminish acne but also to reduce acne scars. It works by targeting and destroying the bacteria that cause acne, reducing inflammation and redness to promote a clearer, healthier complexion. Forever Clear BBL removes the reliance on expensive creams or the use of harsh chemicals and offers a safe and efficient solution to active acne and scarring.
  • Laser skin resurfacing: The ProFractional laser by Sciton is a specialized laser treatment designed to address various skin concerns, including acne scars, by promoting the skin's natural healing process and encouraging the production of new collagen. The laser targets a fraction of the skin at a time, creating thousands of microscopic channels in the treated area while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. The laser energy penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin fibers. As the new collagen is formed, acne scars begin to fill in, and the overall texture of the skin becomes smoother and more uniform. The treatment can also improve the skin's tone and reduce the appearance of pigmentation associated with acne scars, as well as making it effective for treating a wide range of acne scars, from shallow and superficial to deeper scars.

Understanding the distinct types of acne scars is necessary in selecting the most effective treatment strategy. Acne scars vary greatly in shape, size, and depth, making it essential to identify the specific type of scar before proceeding with treatment. Each type of acne scar poses its own set of challenges, and understanding these differences can help our team devise a personalized treatment plan that addresses the specific needs of each individual's skin. Acne scars characteristics and the challenges they present in treatment include:

  • Rolling scars: Characterized by the rolling or wave-like appearance on the skin, these scars are typically depressed areas that have smooth edges. They are formed when fibrous bands of tissue develop between the skin and the underlying tissue.
  • Boxcar scars: These are round or oval depressions with steep vertical sides, resembling the scars left by chickenpox. They are wider than ice-pick scars and can give the skin a pitted appearance, commonly found on the cheeks and temples.
  • Ice-pick scars: Named for their narrow, pitted shape, ice-pick scars are deep and are less than two millimeters across. They resemble a small yet sharp puncture into the skin and are often the most challenging to treat due to their depth.

Leigh Ann at Refine Plastic Surgery is amazing! I received a few lymphatic massages from her during my surgery recovery! She was warm and welcoming and very accommodating when a scheduling error occurred (no fault of hers) and made room for me to be seen that day!

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The absolute best fillers and Botox services I have ever gotten!

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Dr. Brown and Leigh Ann are very kind and professional. They always listen to what you need and provide amazing results!!

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Dr Brown and Lee Ann are amazing! They are very skilled and so nice and helpful after surgery.

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Dr.Brown and Leigh Ann were AMAZING! Kept me informed and stayed in touch to ensure I healed properly and answered all my questions!

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You don't have to accept living with acne scars. At Refine Plastic Surgery, our team can create a treatment plan that is both unique and extremely effective, helping you achieve a new level of confidence with clearer, smoother skin. Contact our practice in Odessa, TX today to learn more about our acne scar treatments, and schedule a consultation.

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